Rescue & Recovery

Rescue & Recovery

Our Premises

We currently have two operating bases.

These bases are positioned to ensure we are able to cover the whole of Fife with ease. Our largest base is also our Head Office at Harbour View, Methil and our other base is at Hillend Industrial Estate, Dalgety Bay. 

Harbour View, Methil

This building was chosen for its idyllic location, it is close enough to be within a few minutes’ walk of a main bus service but far enough away from the residential area as to avoid any disturbance with the rather unusual hours we keep.

The building and grounds is host to our central control room, workshops and indoor/outdoor secure storage compounds. The building and grounds are all covered with CCTV cameras; The main front door has security access, with face camera giving added security for staff.

Our Management team is based here ensuring Quality is monitored on a daily basis. The building is disabled compliant.

Dalgety Bay

Our base at Dalgety Bay although located in an industrial estate is within 2 minutes’ walk of a main bus route and so is easily accessible for the public as well as an ideal location for our own staff to access the West of Fife. This base is mainly for storage of vehicles, although we do have wash facilities for our own vehicles. We do not carry out contaminated fuel drains/repairs at this base but we offer a free transportation service back to our Methil workshops where the job can be done within our fully equipped workshop.

Control Room

Our control room operates 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Our modern control room has 4 computer terminals helping us to ensure maximum efficiency in the taking and despatching of Rescue/Recovery calls. Our control room hosts our CCTV screens allowing 24 hour monitoring of the premises. Our staff are continually trained in current procedures and are kept abreast pf the ever changing rescue/recovery environment. We use Apex RMS for the transmitting of live jobs from clubs. All of our roadside staff are in communication with our control room through Apex PDA’s and Crystal Ball Tracking System.

Our staff are trained in customer management procedures to ensure that every job is dealt with from the time it comes on our screen till the time the job is finished and the completion details sent to the relevant motoring organisation.

Storage Facilities

Both our indoor and outdoor compounds are covered by CCTV which records 24/7.

Our Fleet

We pride ourselves on maintaining a modern reliable fleet of vehicle. Our fleet currently consists of:-

  • One thirteen ton lorry capable of carrying two vehicles and 2 passengers
  • One fifteen ton lorry capable of carrying two vehicles and 6 passengers
  • One eighteen-ton Hi-Ab fitted lorry capable of carrying one vehicle and 1 passenger. This vehicle is also fitted with  a damage free lift.
  • One twelve ton lorry capable of carrying two vehicles and 6 passengers.
  • Two ten ton lorries both capable of carrying two vehicle and 6 passengers
  • One seven and a half ton vehicle capable of carrying two vehicles and 6 passengers
  • Two three and a half ton vehicles that can carry one vehicle and two passengers
  • Three service vehicles, two of which are also 4 x 4 vehicles
  • Two fully enclosed motorcycle trailers

All of our recovery vehicles carry a full accident crash kit as well as a full roadside service kit. Due to the geography of our area it is very often not beneficial to send a service only vehicle out when at least the recovery lorry is dual purpose, ensuring a fast response time overall.

All of our rescue/recovery vehicles are subject to 8 weekly inspection of both vehicle and equipment.

Distance/Relay Recovery

We currently manage distance recoveries by using courtesy vehicles if at all possible allowing us to plan the journey in advance.

Where a courtesy vehicle is not an option we try where possible to take the vehicle on the complete journey but with driver’s legislation being what it is this is not always possible and if that is the case we have a sub-contractor network set up to relay the vehicle.

We currently have a network of sub-contractors that we have used over a long period of time. We manage the job from start to finish ensuring that the customer is kept informed at all times and that the changeover is a smooth and quick as possible ensuring minimum inconvenience for the customer.

All of our sub-contractors must have ISO 9001 and PAS 43 as a minimum. Any problems that occurred as a result of the sub-contractor would be noted in our non-conformance system and would be picked up at our management review meeting and dealt with appropriately at the time, in line with our approved supplier’s policy.

Other Facilities

Our recovery services at Methil have a comfortable waiting room. A fully equipped kitchen and dining area that customers may use. We also provide free telephone, FAX and Wi-Fi to ensure that the busy person can make that all important communication. We have a selection of children's toys and books available.